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Here’s a useful tip for those of you who travel and have a loose temporary or permanent crown with no available dentist.

It is very important that the temporary is kept on the preparation while you are waiting for your permanent one to be made. It keeps the surrounding teeth from shifting as well as protecting the tooth from sensitivity. What are you to do if it comes out? You will more than likely have toothpaste with you.  All you have to do is remove any remaining cement and dry the inside of the temporary off. The temporary goes back on the tooth in only one way so try placing it back on the prepared site for a practice fitting.  When you are confident it is placed the proper way, dry it out again and then place a small amount of toothpaste in it.  The tricky part is drying off the prepared site and keeping it dry while you place the temporary back on.  GENTLY press down on the temporary until it rests all the way down and is aligned with the surrounding biting surfaces.  Here’s the Caveat: this fix is only  temporary and it will come back out if you eat sticky foods; this includes bread.  If you are careful, it should hold until you get to a dentist the next day to have it properly cemented.  You don’t want to swallow it so be careful.

There are products available at the pharmacy that will temporarily cement a crown but you must clean ALL old cement out of the temporary and you must place it accurately on the prepared site, for if you do not, when the cement dries you will have a crown that is not in alignment and when you bite down you will not be able to close the teeth properly causing a very sore jaw.

Either technique can be used on permanent or temporary crowns.

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