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Teeth Whitening in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

Whether you are self-conscious because you have yellowed teeth from smoking or drinking coffee, or if you just want to look your best, tooth whitening is a sure way to brighten your smile and gain increased confidence in your appearance.

What is Tooth Whitening?
This is a wonderful teeth whitening technique that allows us to easily, comfortably and safely whiten your smile. In our Palm Beach Gardens office, we use a special, mild, pleasant tasting carbamide peroxide gel that, over a period of 7-10 days, can dramatically whiten your smile. Custom-made, soft plastic stints are fabricated that allow you to wear them almost invisibly. The special tooth whitening gel is placed in these stints and worn for several hours a day (or night). Most patients notice a difference in just 6-8 hours of time. Almost all of our Palm Beach area patients have completed their tooth whitening within 2-3 weeks. Darker teeth may take longer.

Teeth Whitening Technique
The most effective teeth whitening technique available today is the at-home teeth whitening with custom-fit trays. This whitening technique is best performed under Dr. de Windt’s supervision to ensure the safest results.

At-Home Tooth Whitening
There are several choices for those who are interested in at-home teeth whitening methods. Dr. de Windt can take imprints of your teeth and then make custom-fitted trays for you to take home to complete the tooth whitening process. There are also teeth bleaching kits and other over-the-counter teeth whitening products available to brighten your smile.

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